Wlan Hotspot GPS position?

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Wlan Hotspot GPS position?

Postby Legu » Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:28 pm


This is a post form 9gag, and ofc, 99% of the ppl say haha, yeah a bj would be nc, but not possible, too bad. We the 1% however know, that the truth might be different.
So what do u think ppl, is it possible, and if yes how exactly is it possible to tell the position of the access point?

My idea was to set up something that sends Deaths like when tryin to crack a wpa2, and then use some gps on it. I have no idea how to config gps for this kind of method or even if i could it had work or not, but im sure u guyz have some evil ideas.
Also im aware of wardrivin, but im sure it is not enough if you are livin in a huge buildin, so a more precisise method is needed.
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Re: Wlan Hotspot GPS position?

Postby Sethioz » Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:20 pm

you really need to learn to use SEARCH before posting. ok this one is not so easy to find, since it is under "wardriving" but it does mention GPS.

read this topic: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=463&p=4843
and this might interest you too: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=1489&p=8395

but indeed, closest you can get is building.
i'm not aware of such device in detail, but i do know they exist, a signal finder. it beeps faster when getting closer to signal, this can be used to locate closest place to AP.

another idea i have, in theory it should work, but i have not tried.
get low powered directional antenna, as low power as possible. make tinfoil box around it, leaving only front open, so it is very directional.
that way, it should only pick up signal straight in front of it, that way you can probably tell which floor the signal is coming from, since GPS does not give you altitude, even tho it is possible to see altitude on GPS, i don't think there is tool that can show you height of device.
also for height, you would have to move up and down to triangulate the position on Z-axis.

Best way of triangulating the location of AP on Y and X axis, is just walking around the potential location (full circle around the building if possible and slowly)
I used my own and neighbours AP to calibrate, results were quite accurate, you can easily find the house where signal is coming from.
I used my netbook, USB GPS and wifi hopper to scan, then converted results and loaded them into google earth.

another way, is cracking the wireless and trying to gain access into the router. lot of routers have owner details there or at least some information that can lead you to owner's address.

I've done quite a few evil acts, i cracked the wireless, guessed / cracked admin login on router, then enabled remote access and made it work with dynamic DNS, so i can always access the router, no matter what IP it has or where it is positioned in world.
and if you want to go into extreme, once you got router access, you can see what computers are connected, then take a "guess" if there are many and assign that PC to have public IP, then you might be able to use some windows exploits to hack into the pc and see whats going on and who is the owner. Like NetBIOS hacking, which is still exploitable if you have public IP or if you are behind same router or window's remote desktop protocol vulnerability that Luigi found, which allows remote code execution.
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