Gromek999 is a liar and abuses his media influence

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Gromek999 is a liar and abuses his media influence

Postby Sethioz » Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:56 am

Recently Gromek999, more commonly known as nigger hating racist vomit boi, has made a video about me, filled with lies, edits and nonsense.
I have not watched the video myself as this scrub is not worth my time, lot of people (including my Youtube adviser) told me to copyright his video, however I can't bother wasting my breath on that brainless racist (I only saw start of video saying it's protected by fair use, NO it is not, that moron doesn't even know what fair use means. it is NOT fair use to take a full clip of another youtube video and use it without permission, fair use is if you use my Crossout build on your video, fair use is if you use my name on your video, fair use is if you use my picture on your video. NOT by taking other people's original footage, that is NOT fair use, that falls under copyright), but anyway some of my friends showed me certain clips, like the one where on my video I say "knicker sniffer" and he leaves out the "knicker" word and LIES and pretends that I said "nigger", clearly he is personally attacking me and abuses his media influence to disrespect me over something I never even said.
So if that "mr lawyer" wants to talk about laws and "fair use", how about you look up youtube's policy about harassment? His video is in direct violation with harassment policy and also youtube policy does not allow spreading hate speech (I was told that his video is filled with hate speech and lies about me - I did see some screenshots and clips that others showed me, but I haven't watched the full video and never will).
Bottom line, is that he scrubbed out few places where I said few things suck as fuck, shit, crap ..etc and based on that he and his kiddy army thinks that I'm "toxic"? I mean seriously, if you judge someone based on 0.001% of their content, you're a moron! I have 2700+ videos, you can't possibly judge me based on 1 or 2 videos.

He's a very negative and hostile person. He takes joy in seeing others fail and he does everything in his power to trash his rivals with lies.
This post is already waste of my time, but reason why I write this, is because his followers seem to be stupid enough to believe his lies and nonsense.
On his video he supposedly talks about Crossout game mechanics and says that I don't know how game works, that's really rich coming from a guy who doesn't even make any serious pro gameplays, his videos consists of him putting fart noises on a video and just playing with autistic builds that would never work in a serious match, how can he possibly know anything about how Crossout works or is played?

He calls me salty and toxic, but how you describe his behavior here:

Then someone says "watermark your stuff" and he thinks that he should watermark his comments .. FACEPALM 1000x .. like look below, this is what he thinks he should do:

Original topic is here:

And in case he deletes his comments (like he always does), here's Wayback machine's archive, of this topic, which CANNOT be deleted:

So you were saying about me?? he's the salty one, he's the scrub who scrubs at others for saying bad words, but he's doing exactly same thing. Also he acts like he is the ONLY one on earth who is allowed to find and publish bugs?? he thinks that he is the smartest person and if he finds a bug then nobody else is capable of finding same bug LOL? It's very often when different people find same bug without knowing that someone else already found it ... even worse, it's NOT EVEN A BUG! Tormentor module in Crossout is suppose to stack lmfao ... yes, he is THAT STUPID!

While ago I also had him on steam and his arguement about not playing the game was that he was in the HOWL clan and that he crafted scorpions. Like WTF, how does that have anything to do with him playing the game? HOWL was the biggest cheater clan ever, in fact they FINALLY got what they deserved, 2-3 of their top players got banned for cheating and clan was disbanded. Gromek is the kind of guy who takes cheat victories and then calls himself a pro player LOL
If you don't know how clan wars works in Crossout, then it means that you can be in a clan and not even play and still get a weekly Uranium ore reward if your clan is in top 30. I saw HOWL clan in clan wars many times, but I NEVER saw Gromek even play, so his idiot arguement is completely wrong. Also he doesn't have any clan wars session on his channel. And then he says he knows how game works?
He is NOT a pro player and he knows nothing about how game physics or tactics work. He is just bluffing his way through everything and his followers are just too stupid to see that it's bluff and lies.
Anyone remember 9/11? It's same .. there are so many conspiracy theorists who have made lot of videos on 9/11, trying to depunk this and and that, at first it seems legit, but if you really get into it, then you realize it's just bluff and lies, they are trying to make $$$$ from lies, just like gromek who is abusing his viewer base to make money out of lies and bullshit on expense of me. This is such a low and spineless move, he's nothing but a lying coward. This is also why I'm not going to make a response video, I don't abuse my viewer base to participate in some scrubbing contests.

Take a look at the screenshots below of his arguement when I said he doesn't even play the game. what i mean under he "doesn't play", is that he is not taking the game seriously and can't possibly know anything about pro tactics or how to be good at game, while in other hand I'm a pro player with over 2200+ hours of Crossout. I play Crossout daily and I'm THE BEST player in Crossout, anyone who has played with me, knows it!



Here's also one screenshot of that scrub scrubbing on Crossout forums, this shows how much of a hater that piece of shit is, he just wants me banned so that he would get more views, that's the kind of person he is. He would do this to every rival youtuber if possible, I'm surprised he haven't gone after Entak or some russian Crossout channels.


So let's take a look at what he says "Sethioz sharing third party programs to help people macro" first off, it's such a kid term, like saying "how to pc" .. first take this baby bottle out of your mouth and learn to talk. So anyway, sharing third party programs? I guess that idiot is referring to VoiceAttack ... so let's see ... VoiceAttack is designed to make gaming FUN by taking full advantage of Windows 10's "Cortana". Cortana is designed for ease of access by using your voice to control PC, WOW gromek ... is Cortana really illegal? WHY is it in windows 10 and WHY are not all windows 10 users BANNED? HOLY WOW .. that kid is smart, he just found out that all windows 10 users can't play Crossout, because Cortana cannot be uninstalled and in his eyes Cortana is illegal to use! Keep in mind .. VoiceAttack uses base of windows voice commands to operate, so saying VoiceAttack is illegal to use, is same as saying Windows 10 is illegal to use.

NOTE - Cortana can be used to do same things as VoiceAttack, VoiceAttack is just easier to use and has some advanced functions (such as chain of commands, where you say "run Crossout" and it asks "are you sure you want to start Crossout?" you say "yes" and then it asks "do you want to close gromek's chat so he won't be scrubbing while I play" and you say "yes" and then it closes vomit's chat and runs Crossout). So you see ... gromek is literally that stupid that he thinks Cortana is third party program and that all windows 10 users should be banned. ...would have never guessed.

Also VoiceAttack does NOT directly communicate with the game, it sends it's commands to WINDOWS and not the game, but gromek is so stupid that he thinks it's a cheat program LOL .. so yeah go ahead vomit boi, say that disabled people with physical disability are NOT allowed to play Crossout, because they might need hearing or moving aid and if they use a voice program such as VoiceAttack, then they should be banned. so we found out that gromek also has hate against disabled people who need some physical aid when they use computers.
Or how about you ban gromek for using recording software? It's also a third party program ... BAN HIM NOW! he is using illegal software OMG "scrub scrub scrub" QUICK NOW, let's ban him for using third party program that has nothing to do with the game.

I'm surprised he haven't yet started scrubbing about SweetFX (that moron doesn't even know what it is) - so in case he does start to scrub about it now, I was in doubt myself if that's allowed so I asked and reply was along the lines "It's tolerated by developers and anti-cheat, but should not be advertised or encouraged"

OH OH .. and let's talk about nVidia's color filter, maybe gromek starts scrubbing about that too? Perhaps now it's illegal to use nVidia geforce experience too, because it can change the look of your game colors!

OHHHH and let's deem gaming monitors illegal too, because some gaming monitors can put a crosshair in middle of your screen (like mine) and some monitors have variable framerate that can make it easier for you to spot enemies (it has high FPS around moving targets and slower FPS around idle areas) or how about the monitors that automatically adjust gamma and brightness to make it easier for players to see in the dark? so based on gromek's words, those monitors should get you banned too!

"Sethioz is using map exploits" - I guess he's scrubbing about the one on acid lake where you was able to leave the map, that's funny .. because he did it himself too.
He talks about me using map expoits, but what do you call THIS?

He made entire video on how to exploit game physics and fly around the map, I know i'm going into his scrubbing contest with this one, but that's as much out of map as the one I used.
He uses exploits himself and then whines at me? .. better re-think your logic. What's even worse, is that he was shooting people using that exploit.
That shows gromek's mentality, he takes every advantage he can in a battle, because he has no skill and needs to have cheat advantage, otherwise he is not capable of winning.
A person who uses unfair advantage in game, is the kind of person who is likely to cheat or take cheat victories. I don't think gromek is using 3rd party cheats, but that's probably because he's too stupid to find any. We all know he sure as hell had no problem having HOWL clan cheaters carry him in a clan and he sure doesn't have problems abusing game mechanics and taking advantage of them.
When I made a video on a flying concept (I did it in test drive and never went into battle, because I considered that as exploiting the game mechanics, i only did it so that devs can fix it), then him and his kid squad were scrubbing at me "OMG this is not allowed, you will get banned" ... so why is gromek allowed to exploit game mechanics?

"Sethioz calling everyone else cheater" - wow seriously? I have called maybe like 30 different players cheaters, he was scrubbing about same thing over steam. So in his mind, Crossout only has 30 players ... yup, we all see how smart that guy is.

"using his youtube channel to publically shame others with little to no proof (and also telling people to mass report" - isn't that what he is doing on his video? talk about hypocrisy ... look at him scrub and spread hate publicly like a pro hater.

Then another thing I was told about his video, is that he shows my website where I sell hacks and then calls me a hypocrite. So WHERE on my site do you see Crossout hacks? Any of you retards notice any Crossout hacks on my website? Have I hacked in games? SURE! Have I ever made hacks for Crossout? NO! you see his arguement is completely invalid and retarded.
It's as good as saying that if someone says "I hate fish, it's disgusting" then Gromek would translate this to "this person hates food" and Gromek would call him hypocrite whenever that person eats any food.
He's just retarded in brain and doesn't even think wtf he is saying, just because someone hates fish, doesn't mean this person never eats and it does not mean this person hates all food.

Same with this situation, I called out very specific hacks in Crossout, he is too stupid to understand it nor make a difference and makes it generic instead and thinks that just cuz I hack in casual games for fun, then it means I hack in Crossout or other competitive games. Also there's a big fucking difference between aimbot, wallhack and other hacks. aimbots and wallhacks are for 0 skill pussies and I would never use them in competitive game or a game mode. Furthermore ... YES I'm a hacker, he is NOT, so how can he possibly know anything about hacking? That little spineless shit couldn't possibly know anything about hacking, while in other hand I've been in the hacking / reverse engineering field for over 20 years! and he comes to tell me that I don't recognize hacks?

OR maybe ... he DOES know how hacks work, because he was in the HOWL clan and they had at least 4 cheaters who carried the clan, this is how they were in top 3 all the time, they got carried by cheaters, 3 of them getting banned only proves my point. Reason why not all of them got banned, is because aimbots and wallhacks are DESIGNED not to show on a recording, in fact developers of Crossout asked some of them to prove that they are not cheating by sending them recordings of their gameplay ... but seems like devs are not any smarter either. Professionally programmed wallhacks have hidden overlay that is set as "top layer" of your screen, it works similar to stream overlay, anyone who streams their gameplay, knows what I mean.
On your stream, you can see live chat, viewer count ..etc, but on the stream itself, you don't see it. That's how hack overlays work, they show on your monitor, but not on a video recording or screenshots.
So showing a video of someone "not" cheating is no proof at all, ONLY proof would be if you would record their screen using external camera and start recording BEFORE they boot up their PC, so you would be able to see if they start any cheats or not.

Here's video proof of one of the HOWL members, Gorillalike, cheating hard

What's funny .. is how kids are so dumb, when he shows my site, they are like "omg really? he sells hacks and complains about hacks?" ... I laugh so hard over it, it's like apes discovering caves "oh wow look! there's a NEW cave!!". Is it really THAT HARD for you imbecile kids to learn to use SEARCH ENGINE such as google? ... and gromek the vomit boi feels really proud over the idea that he "found" out that I make hacks ... like seriously, he is proud over being able to use google? .. oh well, I guess retards should be proud if they manage to complete a simple daily task that normal people like me do on daily basis, but to gromek it's life's achievement to be able to "find" something that is shown all over the world.
Maybe tomorrow gromek discovers that we have cars and ice-cream in this world too ... and maybe 30 years from now he discovers girls.

I'm really impressed that he was even able to put a video together, but then again .. this is why he is struggling with everyday tasks and common sense, because he puts ALL of his brain power to video editing and even then, the best he can come up with, is putting a fart noise on a video.

Oh and btw, here's Gromek999 face reveal
gromek 999 dnafm.jpg

Here's also my video of Crossout Cheaters Exposed and unlike vomit boi, I explain and show in detail that those players are cheating

Unlike his nonsense video where he uses bluff and lies, my video has actual details and truth on it.
I mean .. who do you believe? some clown who doesn't even know how to play and has no idea how hacks work or a pro gamer and hacker like me?

If you want to go ahead and believe this spineless nigger hating liar, then go ahead, nobody's stopping you. Just make sure to unsubscribe from me if you do, because I don't want some brainless apes to be my subscribers, it's vomit boi's job to keep the brainless kindergarden kids as subscribers, I don't want them.

Unlike gromek the vomit, I'm a REAL MAN who admits to what I say and do, he is nothing but a spineless coward making up lies and disrespecting others with bluff and nonsense. That's also the reason why everyone who knows me in real, has a lot of respect for me. I'm not always the easiest person to be around and I know it and I admit it, but I always say what's on my mind, I'm not afraid to say things out loud, unlike that spineless coward who is afraid to say anything out in public, because he might lose some of his kindergarden clown supporters. He is a suck-up who is willing to lick your ass for more views and subs. That's the kind of person gromek really is.
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