Virgin Media has BACKDOOR access to routers!

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Virgin Media has BACKDOOR access to routers!

Postby Sethioz » Wed May 10, 2017 1:44 am

I've been using / Virgin Media / Virginmedia internet from time to time and I have to say that even tho they offer the fastest internet in entire United Kingdom right now, their services are very unreliable and shit. They have constant disconnects and their support is worse than ubiSHIT support. They only blame the customer, it is never their fault.

Worst part, they have remote backdoor access to all of their routers and during night, when they THINK that nobody is using internet, they start fagging with your router and start putting some junk into it. They remotely "update" your router on daily basis and keep fucking it up more and more.
Even worse, in 6-7 years, i haven't notice a single improvement in their service / router. It is still SAME, there's no improvements whatsoever. they keep "updating" something, yet nothing ever gets better.

So the question is, WHAT THE FUCK are they doing to your router then? I know this for a fact that they remotely fag with it, because the router's admin page ( keeps changing, only way for it to change, is if they remotely fag with it and add some junk into it.

Here's PROOF

This is how the router login looked like before they screwed with the router today:

This is how the router page looked like after they had been fagging with it for 40-50 minutes:

DON'T BE FOOLED! Virgin Media is the worst ISP, they SPY on you and they have BACKDOOR access to your router, they remotely fuck with it all the time and put more junk into it!
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