Florian Dirks - BEAWARE of paypal scammer pulling money back

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Florian Dirks - BEAWARE of paypal scammer pulling money back

Postby Sethioz » Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:41 pm

Everyone with online store, be aware of scammer that goes by the name Florian Dirks. He's a german scammer who tries to pull money back from online payments.

Known emails:
[email protected] (also his paypal)
[email protected]
[email protected] (google this email and you find his lame youtube and facebook page, i didn't want to post links here cuz it would get him hits)

PayPal info:
First Name: Florian
Last Name: Dirks
Address 1: Zur kakakakakaka
City: Emsbüren
Postcode: 48488
Region / State: Niedersachsen
Region / State Code: NDS
Country: Germany

Reported him to paypal too. He has made 3 purchases in past year, opening dispute after each one. I've banned him 3 times on our Store, but he keeps making new emails.
I hope that piece of trash gets banned from paypal, don't need such scum around, I really hate such sour salters who are too greedy to buy what they like, instead they try to scam and lie. Sooner or later they always get banned .. and then they cry and lie some more that they didn't do anything wrong.

Here's also pic of that hitler wanna-be (taken from his FB - facebook.com/silas.dirks.3)
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