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Postby Sethioz » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:36 am

TrueCrypt project was terminated, wtf I didn't know! They're saying it is because microsoft no longer supports XP and that win7 and later have a built-in encryption tools that are as good.
I think that TrueCrypt sold out to microsoft and/or governments, I think that the REAL reason behind the termination of the project, was that too many terrorists and criminals were using TrueCrypt encrypted ghost drives, drives and containers and governments were not able to break them, so they threw shit loads of money towards truecrypt team and told them to terminate the project with some bullshit reason. This is so crystal clear. They're saying that Bitlocker is as good (included in win7 and later).
as far as I've heard, bitlocker and other tools have many flaws, they may protect your personal data, but TrueCrypt maximizes privacy and it can create a "ghost drive" where "possible deniability" is possible, where you can have 2 operating systems / partitions, where one of them is a ghost system and it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to tell if it exists, it's how TrueCrypt works. So if you have some seriously private / top secret data, there is no way to even tell if you have it or not. I don't know of any other tools that can provide such protection. To me it is quite clear that they sold out and put some bs up on their domain.
I wouldn't even trust my phone number to be protected by bitlocker!
Anywayz, I put the last version of TrueCrypt up on my site for those who want/need it.

Even their message says it all, the WARNING that truecrypt may contain exploits / vulnerabilites and may not be safe anymore, that says it all .. that it is bunch of bs. TrueCrypt has never been compromised and probably never will be, only way is to brute-force the password or key and it will take 100+ years even on ALL the PCs in the whole world.
In fact they used to have one of the FBI's case on their site as a "bragging right", where they talked about one of the FBI's case, where FBI got a hold of some PC/s that belonged to some terrorists and it was encrypted with truecrypt, they threw everything they had at it and could not crack it within 2 years.

You seriously believe that microsoft would actually make a tool that gives FULL CONTROL to the user? HAHAHAHAHHA NEVER!!!! They spy on your ever step.

This is how governments fight terrorists and criminals, by slowly eliminating their means to fight back. I bet that after 10 years there will be only ppl like me, who still remember and use TrueCrypt, while all the new age punks and brats who think they are badass hackers, will be using shit like bitlocker which can be compromised.

Download TrueCrypt 7.1a

Good news, seems like truecrypt has been continued by different people and under new name "VeraCrypt". Google it up.
It's identical to truecrypt, works in windows 8 and windows 10 and it can mount truecrypt containers too.
Anyone who knows how to use truecrypt, will know how to use veracrypt, like i said, it's exactly same, only with new name and new image. interface and features are same.
VeraCrypt has some fixes and extra features tho, like you can skip the "burn the rescue disk" which i found annoying, cuz i'm not an idiot, i can store the rescue disk somewhere.
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