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Stay away from website hosting

Postby Sethioz » Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:09 am

I've been with hosting24 for about 4 years, but it's been pain in the ass all this time, let me explain in detail.
Well only good thing about them, is that it's cheap and they offer lot of features, but .. lot is not always best.

1. Worst thing about them, is their support. They have some imbecils working there, such as "Linas M" who is sales manager, but he responds to technical questions and he responds with complete NONSENSE, he just makes up some fucking bullshit that makes no sense at all. I remember how i got my IP banned from hosting because i was trying to connect to my FTP with more than 8 workers at same time and server banned my IP, thinking it's malicious. I got it unbanned thanks to someone else in help desk, but next time this happend, Linas M told me something like "your ftp is broken, try another FTP client such as FileZilla" and that "make sure your firewall is not blocking the connection" and other shit like that ... i turned to help desk with specific request "please whitelist my IP because i got it banned for the 2nd time because of too many connections" .. instead of listening, he started blabbering some shit and nonsense.

2. Again their customer support, they blame you about everything. They don't even check into problem. They first blame you. There were constant issues with SLOW website, they're "copy/paste" response to everyone is "our servers are located in USA, if you are in europe this is normaL" .. which is NOT normal. I can play games like CSGO with people from USA and they have ping of like 130, a website is very casual and can be loaded using a freaking 3G . .faster than it loaded for me when i had issues. Takes them AGES to do something about it .... they say "ticket has been forwarded to tech stuff" but nothing every happens.

3. Their hosting setup is a joke! My main problem with them was that my site used too much CPU and after 4 years i started thinking it really is my CPU, while i knew it fucking isnt, because i have seen websites with more visits than i get and they run in shared hosting. They kept on telling me that my scripts are crap and badly optimized ..etc ..etc that i need to optimize my website ... pfft faggots.

4. They constantly changed their settings, fucking up my site several times. Once there was some issue that "curl" stopped working and thanks to that, my Store didn't work properly. did they compensate for it? NO! .. they blamed me, said its my script that is not working.
Then they're like .. we can move your site to another server, confirm and we do it. I said, yeah sure go ahead ..... POOOOOOOOOOOP next reply is "we can't move sites that are over 2gb" ...FFS why didn't you tell me earlier you dumb shits...
Finally after sending them some furious replies, one of them did it anyway, he moved 15gb of my site to another server to fix this issue....that issue was caused by them in the first place anyways, so why the fuck even give me attitude ? they fucked it up, they need to fix it.

5. In general they are incompetent and stupid. I'm admin on over 10 hosting24 accounts and every time there is some problem, i get same bullshit "copy/paste" answers, meaning they never even bother to check into the problem, they just copy and paste the "textbook" answer and hope that customer is stupid enough to believe it.

6. There was incident where they suspended my account and said "your account was sending out massive emails, this is not allowed in our terms and we have suspended your account". I fucking WASTED like 5 hours trying to figure out wtf it was ... then i checked their support desk again and asked .. can you specify what was the email? give me some logs .. so i can find the issue .. instead i got reply "oh it was our server, there was some bug".... DA FUCK?!!!
Did they compensate me for 5-7 hours downtime + 5 hours of my time??? NO!!! nothing, jack shit ...
Those fucks.

7. They kept on suspending my account because it was using too much CPU, at first i had to manually contact them and ask them to unsuspend ... which took hours. again .. NO COMPENSATION!
Finally they added automatic suspension, which unsuspended the account 5 mins later, but recently they suspended my account again and said that my site always uses high CPU and REFUSED to unsuspend...that was the end of hosting24 for me. had enough of that bullshit. They tried to force me to use their expensive VPS, but i refused and gave them a FU.

So about 2 weeks ago i signed up with, they had same problem that site uses too much CPU power....ghaaa da fuck. At least namecheap support is pro, they got right down to problem and said viewtopic.php causes high CPU usage ... that's because i get 1 - 4 million visits per month on my site and their hosting just can't handle it.

Well, at end i want to mention that those shared hostings just suck. Even tho namecheap has very good support, they're still amateurs .. even after 10 years of hosting services.
2 days ago I got unmanaged VPS.
Special thanks goes to XeroX for installing necessary stuff on VPS, such as apache2, phpmyadmin, sendmail ...and other necessary stuff to run the website.
VPS has a CPU limit too, but it has never even gone anywhere near the limit, while installing stuff, it used 20% of the allowed limit. Running the site, it uses 0.01% - 0.05% of allowed CPU resource limit. Those shared hostings said that they have 4-core Intel Xeons .. and so does my current VPS host.

So where's the problem? problem is with those idiotic hostings who don't know wtf they doing. They offer cPanel + all the shit with it, all that is also considered resource usage, which they never admit or mention anywhere. They try to ignore the fact that running all this shit will put heavy load on website even without the actual site being there. Proof of that is that my namecheap account is still active, but i'm not using it ... and it still uses lot of CPU and RAM ... so clearly their junk is causing it and not my site.
Same goes for hosting24.

soooo .. stop running all this junk. but then again, shared hosting is for simple people who want to run a tiny website with tons of features (which cpanel offers). They probably have other junk on the background too that you can't see. So there's your problem ....
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