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Postby Sethioz » Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:46 am

After some time (2 weeks i think) I have put forum back online. Problems were with hosting companies who are not able to hold my website, it keeps on using too much CPU. who i was for about 4 years, they suspended my account and refused to unsuspend it, so i gave them a big FU, AFTER i asked them for access to make the latest backup :)

then i went with, they didn't suspend the account, but as soon as i put the forum up, hosting's server wen't into coma and didn't come out, i had to contact support and they rebooted the server or something and pointed out that viewtopic.php was using 100% of CPU ... buhhh ...
viewtopic.php is what handles all the requests made to this forum, so clearly it is caused by the traffic. kept on blaming me and said my "scripts" are not optimized and shit like that, at some point they also suspended my account and said "your account is sending out mass emails" ... i fucking WASTED like 2-3 hours trying to figure out wtf it is, i thought my site was compromised somehow and someone is abusing the sendmail function, i even disable mail function on some parts of my site .. .... . .. . and then they are like "oh, it was our config file that had a fault" ... LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ! piece of shits...
so always blames customers, i recommend STAY AWAY! it's cheap and they offer good features, but not for a big website like mine. Also customer support is horrible, they blame everything on you. I had like over 200+ tickets there after 4 years, every time they fucking blame me in something, even tho error was on their side. has very professional and good support, but servers seem to be bit weaker than hosting24. They even work out the issue and tell you which file is causing problems, so it's good hosting, but can't hold the site :(

So now i'm on VPS. There are also limits, but i've only reached 20% of limits with everything running. It's a VPS, so i had to install everything manually (including apache2, phpmyadmin, control panel ..etc). so far no problems and site runs faster than ever.
Special thanks to XeroX who did a quick and nice setup on control panel, apache and phpmyadmin.

This post is just to inform you what was going on, in future i MIGHT change hosting again, so if forum is down, it never stays down. Keep checking back or just check out my Blog, which is google powered and is completely separate from my hosting and always stays online (unless goes offline, but i doubt that ever happens).
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