Sethioz YouTube videos getting ripped off and then banned

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Sethioz YouTube videos getting ripped off and then banned

Postby Sethioz » Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:32 pm

This is more like a warning, please stop ripping off my videos, it won't end well for you and your channel. In past 2 weeks i asked youtube to take down 2 of those rip off videos, so thinking that "oh he makes trainers its illegal lets rip it off and put a virus in download" will only get you banned from youtube.
Game Trainers are NOT illegal, youtube is a living proof of that, they will check my video and then check the video i report, so clearly they are not concerned of those videos being game hack videos.

If you're one of them ripping off my stuff, i will link you this thread and report on youtube and usually within 24h your channel will be banned, yes the entire channel, not just the video. Youtube takes copyright very seriously and if you rip off whole video from start to end, they will ban your whole channel, because re-uploading somebody's video is against their terms.

Here's a list of videos that has been removed because of copyright infraction and also proof that youtube WILL ban you for this.

I take this very seriously too, so stop ripping off my videos and make your own, you silly sour lemons.
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