Heat problems in your computer room ? how to heat proof room

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Heat problems in your computer room ? how to heat proof room

Postby Sethioz » Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:58 am

i've always had heat issues in my room, sometimes its not even THAT hot, but i really don't like heat, anything above 20C is too much for me. 18C room temp is normal for me, 16C is bit too low, but i can manage it just fine, but over 20 its way too hot.

right now i have 3 computers, 2 laptops and netbook and on top of that i have 4 primary monitors that i use, 42'' tv and home theater system that gets quite hot. All that makes room extremely hot, well everything doesn't have to run, but even when i play game on primary PC, i can feel temp going up. so imagine all that during summer, its just crazy hot in here.

Here are few simple tips and tricks how to get temp down.

1. get a big floor fan / ventilator. It doesn't have to be in front of window, but if you have possibility to put it right in front of window, put it there to get some fresh air.

2. put a fan/s directly under window. I put 2 140mm x 140mm PC case fans right under my window. one side of fans is against wall (they're under angle) and other side is blocked off with curtain, so fans can take air only from outside.
I must say, this helped a LOT. air is nice and fresh.

3. This trick helped the most. i had an heat reflective fire blanket laying around, i blocked off my windows with this and 5 min after doing that, i felt temp fall by at least 7-10C. Now my room temp is actually bareable. However if you don't have sun right onto your window, i doubt it helps much. I have sun shining right onto my window, so you can imagine the heat.

4. Get one of those air fresheners / conditioners that use water. I have one and it helps, but not much. If i put icy water into it, then it helps quite a lot actually, just need more than 1 of them.

Well at end, you can always buy real AC, but they cost quite a lot and are huge, also you need to do some heavy modding to your room / windows to get it fitted. AV needs a big unit outside to take the air from. Not everyone can install AC into their room, this is why i made the topic. There's no way i can install AC here, maybe a portable one, but they're not that effective and they still cost a lot more than all those gadgets together.
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