24h challenge - something cool to do, read and attend :)

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24h challenge - something cool to do, read and attend :)

Postby Sethioz » Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:32 am

I've had this idea for a while actually, but here's the deal.

make video of 24 hours in 5 - 10 minutes in outside environment (cam on window).
ive tried with my webcam, but lightning on that cam is so crap, that at night it can't see crap. need to test other webcams, i know that my PS2 eyetoy cam has super good lighting, but resolution is only 320x240, way too low, needs to be at least 640x480
anyway i will check into this and try to get best camera angle and lighting.

This video should not include people on it, like your driveway or doorway ..etc. I guess it's ok to capture street.
no other rules here tho, just 24h in 5-10 minutes. originally i planned 3 screens per minute, but make whatever you.

I spent about 90 minutes searching for proper software to do this, so i assume it's not something you can easily find and included one free tool here:
(13.44 MiB) Downloaded 348 times

very easy to setup and use.
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