The War Z (WarZ) got owned / hacked, they got what they ...

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The War Z (WarZ) got owned / hacked, they got what they ...

Postby Sethioz » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:00 am

as some may know already, WarZ got owned / hacked. They say that their whole database was compromised.
right now they have a general notice on their forum ( that they got hacked. Game servers are down and "buy" page is down too, in other words their whole system is haulted.

Most likely they will fix the issue and get back online soon, but here's the text for those who read it after they have already fixed it:

OP Productions LLC issues Security Alert for The War Z game players,

We are sorry to report that we have discovered that hackers gained access to our forum and game databases and the player data in those databases. We have launched a thorough investigation covering our entire system to determine the scope of the intrusion. This investigation is ongoing and is our top priority. As part of the remediation and security enhancement process we will be taking the game and forums down temporarily.

We are issuing this Security Alert to all Survivors as a precaution so you can take some precautionary measures on your own. We have already taken a number of steps to increase security and are continuing to work with external advisors and investigators to identify and implement measures to minimize the chance of this happening in the future.

The data accessed included email addresses used to log-in to the forum, forum passwords which we encrypt, email addresses used to log-in to the game, encrypted game passwords as well as in-game character names and the IP addresses from which players log-in to the forum and to the game. If you posted other information to the forum it is likely that such data was accessed as well. We do not collect the names or addresses of our gamers so that information was not impacted unless you posted it on the forum. We are investigating whether additional information may have been obtained.

No Payment information Exposed.
All payments are made through a third party and not through our system. Therefore there was absolutely no exposure of your payment or billing information of any kind.

Email Addresses.

If you registered on our forum your registration email address was taken. Those Survivors who use the same email address to access their game accounts should be aware that the hackers have the email address.


We encrypt all passwords. However, there is a possibility that simple passwords can be obtained using brute force even if they are encrypted. Our research shows that many users are not using strong passwords.

Therefore, we are asking all of our players to please change your passwords immediately. You may do this by visiting our website or by clicking "Forgot Password" on The War Z launcher screen. If you use the same password for accounts on other services, you should change those passwords as well. Please make sure to use a strong password that is unique and uses a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Longer passwords are stronger. We suggest not to use password shorter than 8 symbols, with 12 to 15 symbols long password being preferred.

What we are doing.

We have engaged outside experts and investigators to assist in our investigation of this incident and committed substantial resources to that effort. We have identified number of ways access was obtained and have enhanced our security to improve game and forum safety. We are undertaking a full review and update of our servers and the services we use and adding additional security mechanisms. In addition to this post, we are emailing all of our players just to make certain that everyone is informed and has been advised to change their passwords.

The security of your data is important to us and we want our players to be assured that we take this situation very seriously. We have taken steps to improve security to minimize the chance of this happening in the future and will continue to invest in improving security going forward.

This has been a humbling experience for us. While we all know that there is no guaranty of security on the internet, our goal is to try our very best to protect your data. We sincerely apologize.

We will update you on status as we make progress.

Thank you,
The War Z Team

Here's the index file i downloaded from their site to keep it archived even after they fix the issue:

I think that they got what was coming for them. This is what happens to everyone who go into war against hackers. I was planning on doing it myself, but at this time i can't take the credit for this, someone else was faster.
I did initial scans on their site tho and found lot of vulnerabilities.
Why i think they got what was coming, is because of their almost non-existing customer support and arrogance. They acted like they killed DayZ and they are way better, well in a way they are better, i like WarZ more than DayZ. DayZ is so hard to install, even via steam, i downloaded it and it won't boot normally, always issues + there are serious hacking problems in there, with those teleport hacks. This is not possible in WarZ, in WarZ there are just wallhacks and aimbots, no item hacks either. so its way more playable .. but what is going on, is that they ban people for ridiculous reasons, such as "safe zone camping" .. even if you are idle, they might ban you, thinking you are camping or if you get pinned down by players and don't want to rush out to die, they might ban you for "camping" lol.
Or how about banning for "glitching" ? i get it, if you glitch on purpose and go inside of some rock and shoot thru that and kill people, yeah i get it, but how about if i try to jump out of a window and end up on roof ?? like WTF?! how is that bannable .. they need to FIX their own stuff first. if someone would make a video of you going onto roof like that and they would see it, im sure they would ban you for that.

This is all why, i say that they got what was coming for them.
One of my accounts got banned for no reason at all, ok i get it, i did use hacks, so it's ok that i got banned, but what is NOT ok, is that when i got banned, i wasn't even doing anything and they banned our whole clan! some of us didn't even know what hack is.
Then i contacted and asked why was i banned .. no reply. So i decided to contact Xsolla directly and said that WarZ team doesn't respond to anything, so thru Xsolla i FINALLY got answer out to me .. which was about some 5-6 month old email lmfao
so i poked some more and finally got reply regarding the ban, which was template reply that they send out to anyone mentioning ban, even to those who do not have the game and did not get banned, they still sent out same reply.
Some people made a test and asked why i'm banned from email that was not related to WarZ game at all, their reply was same lol.
I tried like 10 times, but reply was ever the same (you violated the terms and conditions).
That's why i was angry over the ban, not because of the ban itself, but because they gave no reason whatsoever and didn't care about any emails.

Also their ARROGANT terms and conditions. somewhere it states that they can terminate your account at any time, with or without reason and without giving any refunds. Basically what their terms say is that they don't even have to give you the game for the money you pay, they take their money and show you the middle finger.
Here's the line from their TnC

You understand and agree that (i) OP Productions does not provide Internet access and You are responsible for obtaining such access and all costs and fees associated with Your Internet connection; and (ii) the Service is provided by OP Productions at its sole and absolute discretion, and may be terminated or otherwise discontinued by OP Productions at any time and from time to time, for any reason or no reason, without notice pursuant to the Terms of Service and neither OP Productions nor any of its affiliates, licensees, or contractors will incur any liability to You as a result of such termination.

Link to their full EULA

I mean cmon ... i know you must accept and agree, but by law, it is illegal to sell something that doesn't exist. it's like if car dealer, sells you a car with agreement that "you don't own the car, we can take it back at any time and blow it up without a notice" .. if you pay for it, it's yours!
They should then mention, that you are not buying the game, but you are simply RENTING it from them, but they do not mention it anywhere. You buy it, it's yours, meaning they can't just take it away from you whenever the fuck they like.

Steam has such agreement now, they say that on Steam platform, you simply rent the games and do not actually own them, but this is only to protect them from complete retards, Steam do not ban like that for no reason and take it back whenever they want.

Anyway, anyone has their own opinion, post it out here if you have one.
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