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Hosting24 live chat support .. or a joke ???

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:08 am
by Sethioz
This is another of those cases, where i need technical support and some sales department idiot is talking shit and trying to sound smart. like WHAT THE FUCK ??
i really hope they DO read this themselves, but i doubt.
so what happend ? i was messing with my Store, adding some images, browsing thru what i got ..etc, my IP got banned due the massive amounts of http requests or just connections, it is their DoS protection. In past it has happend many times, so i just asked them to whitelist my IP to bypass such filters.

just to confirm, i tested via proxy and used Magical's pc via teamviewer to log into my account and check if my IP is in ban list within my site, no it was not.
so only conclusion > hosting24 must have banned my IP, so i went into live chat support and here's the chat log:
before you read this, i would like to point out that under domain name, i have listed all of my domains in case they need to check anything.
email i provided when entering chat, is my own email and it is not associated with hosting24, that's why i had to give another one, but this idiot couldn't find my account, he probably was too lazy to check all domain names.
i have only 1 domain name hosted in hosting24, others are in different hostings, so he probably checked one and gave up..what lazy idiot.

NOTE - this is not first time i use their live support, whenever i chat with technical support, they always know which account i am logged in from, which domain i have, email ..etc. All that just points to incompetence of Lewis M.

Department: General
Full Name: Sethioz
Email: [email protected]
Domain name:
Staff: Lewis M.
02:15 * There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
02:15 * Domain name:
02:15 * Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
02:15 * There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
02:15 * Your request is important to us. Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
02:15 * You are now chatting with Lewis M. (Sales Executive) - General
02:15 Lewis M.: Hello and welcome to, how may I help You?
02:16 Sethioz: Hi. it seems like my IP somehow got banned from my hosting, can you check ?
02:16 Sethioz: i was uploading some images and changing settings and now site is not responding, but works fine from other IPs and via proxy
02:16 Sethioz: my ip is >
02:18 Lewis M.: may I know your main domain please ?
02:18 Sethioz:
02:18 Sethioz: its the account i am logged in from right now
02:19 Lewis M.: and the email please
02:19 Sethioz: i have already entered this information when i joined this chat .. why do i need to provide it again and why do you need my email to check the ip ??
02:20 Lewis M.: because I can not find your domain or email on our system
02:22 Sethioz: it's weird, because others in support were able to see the account i am logged in from. email used with hosting24 is [email protected]
02:23 Lewis M.: Your IP is not blocked
02:23 Sethioz: well why isnt it working then ?
02:23 Sethioz: cPanel is not loading either and it has nothing to do with my site directly
02:24 Sethioz: actually NOW it loads again
02:24 Sethioz: can you please whitelist my ip ?
02:24 Sethioz: i've had this issue before
02:24 Sethioz: it's just that my IP changes a lot and this one is not whitelisted
02:24 Sethioz: if there are other IPs related to my account that are whitelisted, you can remove them
02:25 Lewis M.: Your IP is not blocked in any way
02:26 Sethioz: well it WAS, because site was not loading using my IP
02:26 Sethioz: loaded fine from friend's PC and loaded fine when using proxy
02:28 Sethioz: as i said, i've had this issue before and it happend when loading lot of images at once, that produced lot of http requests and IP got banned for 10 minutes or something like that. i've had this issue like 5 times before and every time support member just whitelisted the IP and it never happend again
02:28 Sethioz: until IP changed
02:37 Sethioz: can you whitelist my IP anyway ?
02:37 Lewis M.: Your IP is whitelisted already
02:38 Sethioz: was it whitelisted before or you added it ?
02:38 Sethioz: i mean before i came to chat
02:43 Sethioz: ok this is not helping. doesn't look like you are even trying to see what happend. site was not loading when using my IP, there must have been something blocking me. i can't bother with this right now because it works now, but i am very unpleased.

when i explained what is going on .. no reply..
and when at end i asked if IP was whitelisted before .. i got no reply.

my conclusion, this idiot either didn't even know what i was talking about at all and just tried to make it look smart or he whitelisted my IP silently and then tried to make me look bad. this is not first time hosting24 pushes blame on customers.
from chat, you notice that when he says it is not blocked, then after 1 min i checked and it was loading again, now either he whitelisted my IP then or ban time expired.

The ban i am talking about is not permanent, it lasts 10 - 15 minutes, either it expired or he whitelisted my ip and did not say anything, most likely he whitelisted it, because this is new ip ive been using and i know for sure that i did not ask them to whitelist it before.