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Resident evil 4 & 5 hacks rip-off artists - some stupid kids

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:16 pm
by Sethioz
I found another forum ripping off my work and crediting themselves. What lame retards.
I don't understand how can they even feel proud over something like that ? they probably don't even know what they talk about.
So anyway, here's the forum that is ripping off my stuff.

I want to talk about specific topic there.
namely this topic ... topic=8017
note the creation date of that topic. its in 2009.

now look at my original topic here:
Note the creation date of my topic, it's in 2007 !
that dumb shit ripped off my work and has arrogance to say he found it. dumb shit ..
i had it out there for over 2 years ! and that shit couldn't figure it out within 2 years by following my tutorial LOL !
2 years it took that moron to do it using my tutorial and then posts nearly identical.
.. at least he didnt copy/paste, like lot of rip-off artists do. he just changed few things, notice how similar his post is to mine. its nearly same as mine. he have just changed few small things to make it look "real". while we all know he just ripped it off.

I will deal with this ! gonna DDoS their forum, i don't think invisionfree has unlimited bandwidth and if i remember right, it was quite easy to hack into them.
i will definetly deal with those ripoff artists.