Crossout game / Gaijin company are corrupt liars & scammers

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Crossout game / Gaijin company are corrupt liars & scammers

Postby Sethioz » Wed Jan 12, 2022 2:10 pm

This topic is add-on for my youtube video on why crossout is not worth it -

Here are all the original source links and proof that they are piece of shit corrupt scammers, frauds and liars.
I have also made copies of all topics, because I know once someone brings this to their attention, those autistic idiots will try and delete every bit of proof that such issues exist. This is how GAYjin is ran, they are just IGNORING all the issues and rather ban the person who is reporting the problem, than actually dealing with the issue at hand.

GAYjin only allows positive feedback, if you dare saying anything negative, you'll just get banned.

EVERYONE WHO PLAYS VIA STEAM - PLEASE POST A NEGATIVE REVIEW AND MENTION THESE ISSUES! Steam reviews is something they don't control, but can be seen by many players.

LAG ISSUES (players lagging and then get banned for it)



Some other complaints about the game and how broken things are



9 months to fix simple bug. this bug happened because their client and server side files had different data in them, as a PROFESSIONAL game hackers and programmer, I know how things like this work. You'll get SAME effect if you try to hack the game and make a speedhack, since you change client side data only, server is constantly trying to pull you back, thinking that you shouldn't be that fast. SAME exact thing happens when client side files have different data. But those idiots are too stupid and/or lazy to fix something that simple, it's LITERALLY editing ONE value in their server config file.

crossout lost connection in middle of CW

proof that crossout wont recover from lag (my build is unmoveable to other players due server desync issues - happens due BAD programming)

chat banned for no reason

gaijin info
paypal email - [email protected]
+7 4994260260 (GAYjin support number)
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