I am scared of the police :(

NOTE - This is for educational and informational purposes only !!! proof of what can be done in computer world, be afraid or amazed, choice is yours

I am scared of the police :(

Postby KEN » Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:19 pm

Steam owned XD
then some friend of his popped on his steam and talked to me saying that its his friend's account and he lives nearby.This is what i talked to him,sadly it was too late night i went to sleep :(

Hitman: quien eres?
Hitman: xq coño robas la cuenta de steam a un tio
Hitman: pregunto?
Call from Hitman started.
Call with Hitman ended.
Hitman: hey you men
Hitman: tu de que vas
Hitman: xq coño
Hitman: robas la cuenta de steam
Hitman: de este user
Hitman: responde
Hitman: ?
Artistas-unai: english?
Hitman: you are not that user...ypu steel this acount
Hitman: why?=
Artistas-unai: nah..i am his cousin.
Artistas-unai: i asked his permission to play game.
Hitman: no you are his cousin
Hitman: what is your real name
Hitman: ?
Artistas-unai: inas torres
Hitman: thats not true
Artistas-unai: ofcourse :)
Hitman: i will send a steam message to info about you steel that acount....and you will

banned by ip
Artistas-unai: OK thanks :)
Hitman: that acount is from my friend unai that lives near me
Hitman: and that is not your acount
Hitman: tell me
Hitman: why you steel that acount?
Artistas-unai: that account "WAS" from your friend unai that lives near you
Hitman: yes
Artistas-unai: i did not steal it.I am using it just for fun. Is to have fun a sin? :(
Hitman: yes....because that is not your acount is from user that is not you
Hitman: and you steel that msn acount too
Artistas-unai: Its not like i am stealing it?
Artistas-unai: i am just using it for a while
Hitman: soo....stop doing that now!
Hitman: revoke the last password
Hitman: and leave this acount to the real unai
Hitman: please
Artistas-unai: how revoke the last password? Is that some sort of martial art move? O.o
Hitman: you think...that is funny?
Artistas-unai: No.
Artistas-unai: U think it is? O.o
Hitman: that is not funny...that acount...is from user that pay much money on much

games....that is not you...
Artistas-unai: What if i pay him twice the money he paid into this? will that be ok?
Hitman: so....changes the password of that acount to : 123456 and leavi it alone... please

dont hack...
Artistas-unai: Ok wait for a while.
Hitman: so.. and the msn acount to....
Hitman: change the msn password to....
Artistas-unai: wait 30 seconds?
Hitman: ok...
Hitman: men can you answer me?
Hitman: WHY are you doing this?
Hitman: to that person?
Hitman: you dont know him
Hitman: you dont know me
Hitman: that is not your acount
Hitman: nobody tell you the password or user
Hitman: from steam or msn
Hitman: why=
Artistas-unai: hey i said to wait 30 seconds,u send message before 30 seconds :( u changed my

mind about changing the pass :)
Hitman: so you dont want to revoke the acount to the real user no?
Artistas-unai: i want to :S
Hitman: can you give me your real name :¿?
Artistas-unai: i want to show u something.
Artistas-unai: wait a while plz.
Hitman: now im calling a internet police on my country
Hitman: so...
Artistas-unai: Ok.
Artistas-unai: wait for a while plz.
Artistas-unai: http://img834.USE_ATTACHMENT_TO_ADD_IMAGES/img834/5310/ownedunai.jpg
Artistas-unai: I was playing with u bro :) i m his cousin.I took this pic just now in the

Artistas-unai: Now you believe me?
Hitman: no because now i am talking with him on telephone
Hitman: you are a hacker
Hitman: im calling the police
Artistas-unai: Thanks....i will do things back later.
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Re: I am scared of the police :(

Postby Sethioz » Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:39 pm

LMFAO !!! that police joke is getting so old, every TWAT out there thinks that police actually does anything. well they do .. they laugh just like we all laugh here lol.
they wont even move their ass over more serious things.

sure, call the cops and say "somebody stole my game account HELPPP" .. i would like to see the face of the officer who recieves that call.

its just SO FUNNY and PATHETIC at same time, how ppl (not just twats and kids) act so tough and when they wont get what they want, they start practically crying and start to beg. like the one i owned "IM FROM MILITARY YOU TWAT" and then later he begged on his knees haha.

you know fellas, ppl only act so tough, because they are pathetic LOSERS and try to scare you with their talk and shouting. tough ppl never act like it, because they have nothing to prove to any1. oh well, here's pic of that unai who got owned ahaha
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Re: I am scared of the police :(

Postby MagicalSilence » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:38 am

you should be :) they will track you down throw you into dirty cell and enforce their law on you!
Justice that would be oh yes, yet in overall how do you not get bored of it? it's all the same almost each time... same whining same threats same bullshit each time :P

"Beep Beeep 911 how may we help you?"
"Hello ! i have an emergency hier a no life hax gay nam Sethioz stol mi cs acont!"
"Is this a joke sir?"
"noooooo joke haxks mi account steam me need help!"
"beep beep beep beep"
"Omgggggg FU!!!!!"
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Re: I am scared of the police :(

Postby Sethioz » Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:33 pm

i have same question .. don't they ever get bored of whining ?
they should just accept the fact that they are not in control
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