Sethioz Forum - Privacy policy

It is quite simple, your data is kept private and will not be viewed nor used by anyone other than yourself. We (forum admins and moderators) reserve the right to view and/or use your data if necessary, such as viewing and using your email to contact you in case some issues arise with your account. For example if you have posted some illegal content, we are legally obliged to take action. In such case we would check your profile and take necessary action, such as contacting you via email or forwarding your email to authorities. Otherwise your data is secured and will not be used nor viewed by our staff.
However we cannot guarantee that somebody is not able to access your data via exploit or glitch. In world of computers, it is always possible to exploit something and gain access to something that you should not have access too. In fact just recently (July 2022) Twitter was exploited and attacker gained access to some personal data, such as business and personal emails and some other details. Even big websites are not safe. In such case, we cannot be held responsible if your data has been leaked due unforseen circumstances.