I have opened registrations, but normal users will not be able to make any posts. For post permissions, you need to buy Subscription package available from under "Subscriptions", which is visible only to logged in users. So first you must register and then you're able to see "Subscriptions" button next to "FAQ".

I have also included a special Advertiser package, which gives you special advertiser permissions, rules are explained under the package. Please respect these rules!

If you're interested to know what is going on, then you can keep your eye on this News page from time to time, I will add updates and my thoughts / plans here ... occasionally, so don't expect too much.

I have recently upgraded my VPS (special thanks to XeroX for quickly setting up the essentials) and it has caused all sorts of issues as my web scripts are quite old and not compatible with new SSL and PHP versions. In fact this forum system was from 2007 and I hadn't updated it since like 2012 or so. I finally took the time to upgrade it, which wasn't as hard as I though it would be. That's why you see slight changes in the layout, as I had to make the theme again from scratch. Unlike 99% of people, I don't rent some pre-made hosting plans. I only pay for VPS (Virtual Private Server) that comes with vanilla Linux server installation, it means there's no visual anything, everything is done via remote linux console. So it means everything has to be manually installed and setup, such as Apache, phpmyadmin, ftp ..etc. This also means that I'm in full control of my data and files. I used some simple shared hostings in past, but they're total garbage. Like hosting24 that puts out crazy good adverts, like "unlimited disk space", but what good is disk space, if their resources are so limited that your website keeps getting disabled due "high cpu use" like 10 times a day and then some half brained idiot in support says "your scripts are broken". Their fucking brain is broken, right now I run more stuff on my VPS than what I ran on hosting24 and it barely uses 15% of allowed cpu limit. They just put so much shit in there. Like cPanel, which is extremely resource hungry. So anyway ... VPS requires knowledge and time to setup, but once running, it's much faster and gives you full control over your data.

But well.. most people who know me either in person or via internet, have no idea that I have been suffering from severe depression and PTSD for over 15 years by now, I always thought it's quite obvious from my behaviour and how I say things, but guess people are too damn stupid to notice what's right in front of them or they simply don't care. So it's not easy task for me to spend 10 hours on setting up the forum. That's also why I closed forum registrations long time ago as I simply had no motivation to moderate the forum. I don't know if I ever re-open registrations, but I have installed some extensions to make things easier and faster and if you really want forum account, you can send me a request via my Patreon page -, but you must become my Patron first. No, I'm not greedy .. I simply have 0 motivation to do anything, money doesn't motivate me either, if it did, I would be millionaire by now, but unfortunetly I still need money for living, so I always reply to my Patrons and try my best to look into their requests. So if you become my Patron and ask for forum account, you shall get one!

I also removed my wiki for same reasons, I couldn't bother updating and upkeeping it anymore as it gave me absolutely nothing ... every person in my life only comes to me when they NEED something, I'm sick and tired of this, so why should I upkeep a wiki that gets me absolutely nothing in return?

Anywayz this page is here for those who want to know what's going on with my website and me. I update this as stuff pops in my mind.