Trainers for PC games
GRID +11 trainer
Author cheathappens.com
Description for version 1.0
-999999 drift points
-stop race timer (always first, exept 24h race, there u will be last)
-100.000.000 money
-unlimited flashbacks
-get it in gear (opponents cant start, they stop at grid)
-wrecking ball
-increase acceleration
-decrease acceleration
-decrease handling
-increase handling
-steering damage (does not allow you to get any steering damage, you can still steer normally when car is damaged)

-NOTE - i have only tested:
999999 drift points - works
stop timer - works, but not perfectly, does not stop on 00.00.00
increase acceleration - has no effect at all, doesnt work !
decrease acceleration - has no effect
increase handling - has no effect
decrease handling - has no effect
Image no image available
Filesize 789.6 kB
Date Saturday 23 August 2008 - 23:28:54
Downloads 3619
 10.0 - 1 vote 
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