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  • Jailbreaking is a term used when preconfigured device has been hacked in order to use all of its features and add new ones.

This is where the name comes from, jailbreak, breaks it free from the developer limitations and allows a lot more than it was designed for.

  • By Jailbreaking PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) user can play pirated / copied games without the need of the original game disk and also adds ability to run various user-made programs, such as FTP server (this allows you to quickly transfer PS3 files from/to your PC or laptop) or other great tools that makes it a lot easier to manage your PS3 content (savegames, photos, movies..etc).
  • Right now it is only possible to jailbreak certain firmware versions, newest being 3.55 (16 july 2011). As far as I know, any later PS3 releases are not jailbreakable (maybe if you downgrade the firmware, but downgrading can be difficult, if not impossible.

Available Hacks / Mods

  • General Jailbreak of PS3 system / firmware
  • Play pirated / copy games
  • Install applications
  • FTP (file transfer protocol) direct upload / download
  • Intercept and modify packets
  • Update games from USB
  • Jailbroken 4.46.1 Firmware / CFW (There should be later versions out there by now).

Downloads / Tools

Note - if any of the tools are outdated or not working or missing, google for them


General Jailbreak of PS3 system / firmware

Tools / Hardware needed

  • USB memory stick / pen drive (tested only with FAT32 formatted, since ps3 cannot read NTFS originally)
  • kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP - in other words this is the cracked / jailbroken firmware

its about 170mb and im not sure if its legal so i have not uploaded this onto my site (google and you'll find one easily)

NOTE - your ps3 firmware must be 3.55 or below.
if you have newer firmware, find a way to downgrade it (not included in this article).

Jailbreaking process

Note - this method is tested by me and it works 100% on my PS3
  • Make sure your USB filesystem is FAT32 (if not, use format function and format to FAT32)
  • make 2 new folders on your usb stick

- PS3 (usb root)
- UPDATE (inside of PS3 folder)

  • It should look like this:
  • extract kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP and put into /UPDATE/ folder that you just created
  • turn off your PS3 by pressing and holding the button on front until it turns off
Note - it might not be necessary to turn off PS3 at all. it might work directly from system update
  • depending on FAT or SLIM version of ps3 do the following:

- FAT: turn off the power switch at the back for about 10 seconds
- SLIM: unplug the power cord for about 10 seconds

  • plug USB device into ps3
  • make sure you have no dvd/cd in the drive of ps3
  • boot up ps3
  • on ps3 do this

- under "settings" go to "system update" > "update via storage media"
- select the package found (kmeaw)

  • follow the instructions given by kmeaw and ps3 and install it
  • now under "games" you should see "install package files", if so, then your system have been jailbroken

Install applications

  • USB stick / pen drive is needed for this
  • every application can simply be put on the USB stick's root folder
  • then in PS3 go to "games" and "install package files"
  • it will list all the available applications on the USB stick that is currently plugged into PS3

Play pirated / copy games

Tools needed

  • lv2patcher
  • multiMAN
  • USB stick / pen drive

Preparing PS3 for copy game

  • extract and/or put lv2patcher and multiMAN into USB root folder
  • plug USB stick into PS3
  • Under "install package files" select lv2patcher (lv2-v9.pkg) or whatever version you have there (run / install)
  • now under games you see the lv2 patcher, install and run it
  • under games > install package files > choose multiman and install it
  • under games, you see multiMAN > run it
  • thats it, now you can play downloaded games via multiMAN backup manager.

Note - if multiMAN gives an error about BDemu, see the download section for the BDEMU-355WT.pkg
install and run it if that happens.

Getting games to work

  • In order to play copied games, it is needed to put them on Internal HDD (some games work from external too)
  • First follow the FTP direct upload / download guide below
  • Depending on the backup manager used, games have to go into GAMES or GAMEZ folder on internal HDD
  • multiMAN reads games from GAMES folder
  • full path to the GAMES folder on PS3 is:
  • it MUST be in upper case "GAMES" and not "games", it is important
  • Each game needs an ID folder, like so:
  • If you do not know the ID of the game, use DiscIDFinder (included under downloads / tools, see above)
  • Simply run the tool on your PC and browse to the downloaded / copied game folder and open PS3_DISC.SFB

of the game you want the id for

  • Now on your PS3 hard drive (hdd), make a folder with that ID name under "GAMES", like example above.
  • Copy whole downloaded / copied game inside of that folder
  • use supported backup manager to play the game
  • Example 1:
  • PS3 games have usually 1 - 2 folders and PS3_DISC.SFB


  • These files have to go inside of the following folder on your PS3 system
  • replace BLUS30522 with the ID of your game

FTP (file transfer protocol) direct upload / download

Tools needed

  • FTP server for PS3

- Gaia manager
- BlackBox (ftp server)
- multiMAN (newer versions)

  • FTP client for PC

- FileZilla
- SmartFTP

Note - there are many, but best solution is Gaia manager and Filezilla (used in this example)

Process of connecting PS3 and PC via FTP

File transfer in progress from PC to PS3 via FileZilla and Gaia manager
  • connect your pc and ps3 to same router either by using wired or wireless
  • setup connection in your ps3 (this guide does not tell you the basics of networking)
  • you need IP of your ps3

- on ps3 you can see it under network settings
- log into your router and check it from there
- when Gaia manager is running, it shows IP of ps3 in main menu

  • start Gaia manager (or FTP server of your choice in PS3)
  • in Gaia manager make sure FTP is ON, if its not, press the button it shows on screen to turn ON
  • now FTP server is running on ps3
  • in filezilla click on "file" > "site manager" > "new site" (button)
  • enter the following details:

- host: ip of your ps3
- port: 21
- protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
- Encryption: use plain FTP
- logon type: normal
- user: FTPD12345
- password: <blank> (it means you dont write anything, leave blank)

  • under "transfer settings" tab in filezilla

- transfer mode: default (if it doesnt work, select "active")
- check the box for "limit number of simultaneous connections" and put "1"

  • click "connect"
  • now your PS3 and PC are connected and you can upload / download between PS3 and PC

Intercepting and modifying packets

Tools needed


  • First it is needed to connect PS3 and PC into same router, either via wireless or ethernet cable
  • In this example is used WebScarab
  • In webscarab, go to "proxy" tab and then "listeners" tab
  • at bottom, write IP of your computer in LAN network

- This can be optained either from network settings on your PC or from router you are using, this article does not include basics of networking

  • In this example is used the following local IP:
  • port can be anything you like, however 8008 is recommended (default by webscarab). following port is entered:
  • now is clicked "start"
  • It is needed to setup PS3 to connect via webscarab running on pc
  • setup PS3 network as usual, when asked, select "use proxy"
  • enter the details you just entered in the webscarab
  • IP
  • Port
  • Now PS3 connects via webscarab, allowing user to intercept and modify each packet
Note - it is necessary to disable firewalls and / or NAT
otherwise PS3 and PC can't communicate and connection will fail

  • It is also possible to use WPE Pro or similar tool with Proxymini, by opening proxymini as process

it has been tested, however WPE Pro is not as good as webscarab. This is just a note for users who like WPE Pro more than other tools.

Updating games from USB

  • This is tested only on jailbroken PS3 with FAT32 filesystem on USB device
  • If your playstation 3 does not have internet, it is still possible to update your games via USB drive / stick
  • First it is needed to get the update.pkg file (details not included here). This can be achieved by using a playstation 3 with internet

and then intercepting a packet where it checks for update, then download it directly using your PC / Laptop

  • Now update.pkg file is placed in the root of USB device
  • Insert USB device into PS3 and use "install package files" under "games" menu to install the update package
  • See other hacks on how to install package files if needed.

Jailbroken 4.46.1 Firmware / CFW

  • This is just to confirm that indeed it is possible to jailbreak 4.46 firmware now, i have it working right now and tested with "The Last of Us". Also there are tools to enable PSN (playstation network) on jailbroken firmware.
  • Please see our Forum and request more information there, if necessary. I will not write detailed tutorial yet.
  • In short, you need "Rebug 4.46.1 LITE" CFW / Firmware, which is precracked, it's usually named "PS3UPDAT.PUP"
  • Place it onto FAT32 formatted USB stick, inside folder "PS3/UPDATE/"
  • Eject PS3 disc (if any) - This is extremely important to take it OUT of the PS3, do not keep disc in or it fails to update.
  • Reboot PS3 without any disc in drive
  • Now to go System Update in the PS3 menu
  • Update it via USB
  • Wait for it to finish and you're done!
  • Optionally you should enable QA Toggle.
  • Package Manager > Install Package Files > PS3 Hard Disk > Install Rebug Toolbox.
  • Launch it in the Game menu (PS3 menu)
  • Go to Utilities in Rebug Toolbox and Toggle QA Flag to Enabled
Note - you need multiMAN 4.46 or later to be able to launch it, previous versions of multiMANs will fail to start!

Article is Not Completed / Updating
This Article is either not completed or under constant updating. If you wish to add or correct something in/to this article, then contact article author or one of the moderators (see on main page)

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