Installing PPJoy on Windows 7 (Win7 / Win 7)

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  • PPJoy stands for Parallel Port Joystick and it is designed to add virtual joysticks under windows operating system. It was never designed to run on Windows 7, this is why process is more complex when installing it under window 7, but it is working with little bit of effort and this article explains in detail on how anyone can run this under windows 7.
    • Why it does not work normally under windows 7? - Reason for this, is because Windows 7 is designed to block unsigned / non verified drivers, this has nothing to do with security as microsoft says it is, this is conspiracy to make microsoft more money. Every developer who wants to have signed drivers under windows 7, has to pay a lot of money to microsoft so they will add their drivers into the whitelist (signed / verified list).
    • I have seen a program run just fine and they have not payed anything to microsoft (friend wrote a program..etc), how is that possible? - It's simple, not all programs use their own drivers, in fact most programs do not use their own drivers. PPJoy uses own drivers, because it needs to connect hardware with software and this is what driver does. It virtually adds a joystick and tells windows that joystick exists, while there is nothing connected to to your computer, for this purpose you need own drivers, because windows was never designed for such good and useful things.
  • Why would i want to use PPJoy in first place? - Most likely if you are here, you know why, but for those who were looking for something else and found this article, using PPJoy you can make virtual joystick and use for example Wii Remote to input into that joystick, that way you can make windows think that you are using xBox 360 controller, but actually you are holding Wii Remote in your hand and windows never knows about it. This is another conspiracy, most game developers nowdays make games so they natively support 360 controller, but others are nightmare to use, PPJoy eliminates those nightmares and allows you to use any controller the way you want, you can remap buttons from whichever controller you want, you can even mix controllers together.

Tools needed / Downloads


  • Disable windows driver signing enforcer and/or run windows 7 in test mode so PPJoy can load its driver
  • Browse into your Windows/System32 folder
  • Locate "cmd.exe"


  • Right click on "cmd.exe" and click on "Run as Administrator"


  • Command Prompt / CMD will now appear
  • Type in the following command and then press ENTER
bcdedit -set testsigning on
  • CMD will then confirm with the following message "The operation completed successfully"


  • Close CMD window using X or type in "exit" and press enter
  • Following steps may vary, depending on how windows works, some versions of windows or just sometimes, windows acts differently, to some people it works easier, to some it is more complex because of windows being weird.
  • You can skip the next steps and go on "Installing PPJoy", if it fails to start, then come back to this place and follow all the following steps (or do it now to make 100% sure it will work)
  • Disable UAC (User Account Control) in windows 7
  • Click on start and inside run/search box type "uac" and press enter or left-click on "change user account control settings"


  • In UAC window, slide the slider all the way down and click OK


  • Download Disable Win7 driver signing enforcer
  • Extract it from archive (if you do not know how to use windows, then you need to learn windows first)
  • Right click on "disable driver enforcement windows 7.exe" and select "Run as Administrator"


  • Follow the on-screen instructions and accept the terms
  • Once you see the main window with choices, select "Enable Test Mode"
  • Click on Next button
  • Select Exit and click on Next button


  • Reboot your computer
  • Now at bottom right corner of your screen it should say "Test Mode Windows 7 Build xxxx" where xxxx is build number. This means Test Mode is enabled and unsigned drivers can now be loaded.
  • You are ready to install PPJoy as normal. You might want to run PPJoy as Administrator to prevent any issues.
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